My goal is to make your experience one you won’t forget. We want to make you comfortable and make your session easy, not stiff and awkward.  I bring my team to shoot in the privacy of your home.

How to schedule a newborn shoot :

I normally plan 7-10 days ahead for any newborn shoot. If you are in the LA or Manhattan area, we can plan to meet up for a 30-minute consultation. Most of the time I communicate via cell phone or Skype. My cell is 619 694-7522

My rates :

My rates starts at $ 499. Expect our photo shoot to last from 4-5 hours. Shooting infants require a lot of preparation and rehearsal. I will explain what that means. On the day of the shoot, I travel to your home with my cameras & simple lighting gear. Sometimes I bring one female assistant. A lot of my infant shoots usually requires the participation of the parents & even some relatives & friends. It can be quite a fun event for sure.